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Hello! I'm just starting out in speedrunning and I plan to run Broforce when it comes out on PS4. The laptop I currently have isn't even close to being able to stream at a good quality, which is why I'm waiting for the PS4 version to come out so I can use my PS4 to stream. The problem with that is I won't be able to put a timer up on the screen during my runs, I'll have a splits application open on my laptop for myself, but there's no way that I can show that on stream. So I guess my question is, are splits required to be on screen for a run to be accepted? The only thing I can think of is just saying what my time is during and at the end of the run.

Thanks! 🙂


I'm not a mod here, but I'd assume it's not necessary, the time can still be verified by anyone watching it 🙂