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First I'm quite new to speedrunning so please excuse me if my question is somehow stupid.

I've always been frustrated that the devs never implemented the possibility to choose your bro in NG+. And although I know that the randomness of the character selection is part of what makes broforce a great game, I've always wanted to see what a run would look like only with Brade or Cherry or the Brocketeer, and how fast we would be able to go.

I just found out that someone had developed a tool that made this possible. Technically speaking, this is 100% cheating, yes. But gosh it would be so cool.

So my questions are:
1: Would it be against the rules of to run in such conditions?
2: Would you guys be interested by the challenge?


It would be interesting, but as you said characters randomness is a huge part of the game/speedrun : what drived me into the game was how could I deal with different situations with different bros each time ! 🙂


I agree, but on the other hand focusing on one bro requires a whole new work of routing and training to adapt your playstyle with the bro you choose.

For instance we usually don't use the optimal routes when we get Mr. Anderbro although he can make quite major cuts, because it wouldn't be worth it. We just can't remember which way to go is the best for each bro.

I'll start working on a single bro run, and post it here if I come to something interesting. Brade seems promising. So do Mr. Anderbro and Ash Brolliams. Bosses are such a pain in the ass with Cherry Broling so I'll pass on that one.


Ok, this is kinda crazy, but ive got a lot of free time on my hands. I'm going to be doing Single Bro, Individual Level Grinding. Essentially full runs, but one bro per level, and recording the in-game time per level, and per bro. once i complete with a given bro, ill edit it together and post it.

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