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hi, I was watching your pb, and the game choked sometimes, is it normal? if yes, do you know if it happens the same in the PC version?

The rule is "if the game chokes, stop the counter." ?

Thank you for your attention.


Hey! I believe the game only chokes in the emulator I'm using, I'm currently testing with other emulators and whatnot, since I actually can't get the original PC version to work on my computer/OS. As of now, I think the rule should be if the game chokes, stop the counter, but the issue I'm running into is that when the game chokes, the game is actually still running in the background, so the issue is that the counter really shouldn't stop. The PC version probably won't choke, and there is probably an emulator or rom that won't choke, but I'm still in the process of testing them.

Thanks for the question! I'm still typing up the rules, however what I'm probably going to do is "If the game chokes, do not stop the timer" and that will take into effect for runs done after today, since I already have a bunch of runs pre-recorded of me continuously beating my time I already have uploaded.

Hope to see you return soon, and I hope your game doesn't have any similar issues when trying to play!

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