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I have a couple questions about this game now that I have done a run

1) What exactly does difficulty effect?
My guess would be ball ramp speed and enemy boss damage taken.

2) Is anyone character better then the others? I found the magnet effect and big guy to be annoying. And yellow makes balls fast but chaotic. Forgot to test green Camo.

3) Do you actually need to push the ducks off the raft or can you walk in circles till you win?

4) Do you actually need to ever attack the wolf? This event seems very obviously time based exclusively

5) I found a loop in castle, think this may useful?

6) Has anyone ever seen this glitch? useful maybe?


Welcome to Breakout! We have cake here 😃

1: Difficulty helps with ball speed, higher being faster. Obviously you don't see the big speed until you lose a ball, but I've never really paid any attention to boss damage because I only end up playing on Superstar.

2: Paddle speed is an obvious advantage/disadvantage, but I never knew Yellow makes balls faster sooner. I personally thing Camo works well with Asteroids and the Batnix fight if only for his speed alone, but I usually don't switch until I reach that point.

3: Walking in circles with the raft really helps with an army of ducks and setting up the bigger ducks to be pushed off the raft. I think every character has the same power from my little testing of Big and Red, but just beware of their move speed and what parts of the raft you can see.

4: Attacking the wolf only really helps if you can't trust your timing of moving out of the way just before his attacks. Because moving from side to side appears to be of no penalty, you can do either and not really experience much of a time loss from attacking.

5: Ahh, yes, the classic quick-multi-ball. Did that trick in my glory casual kid days a lot because it was fun. But that second clip was major lucky, faster than what I've seen myself do at least. Maybe practice that level with that tech to see what you can achieve?

6: Never seen it because a: never used magnet because annoyance, and b: what in the heck happened? It's almost like a second hitbox, or maybe some weird glitch in the system? If it's possible to recreate that with ease, it may create history here.

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So if you didnt know, mashing the X button while entering Egypt can crash the game.
Also, do you know about the robot glitch? You can get robot stuck in a back and forth bounce loop allowing free damage on him.

Writing a guide aswell. Any reason runs are taking so long to get verified?


I am aware of the robot glitch, but I can never seem to get it. As for runs taking a while to get verified, they do mention the process taking between 1-3 weeks, so it's all about patience after submitting.