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Tutorial Challenge IL

Add the level categories very fast yes please, an all challenge run could be a possibility if you're a fan of getting carpal tunnel syndrome like me!!!!!!!!!!! Add them very fast I want to grind for the 3459th tie for first of a frame-perfect dashjump yes thank you

Ontario, Canada

I guys, My Name is DrBubster, well that's my online name. I have been apart of this community for a very long time, we've longed the day a tutorial update would happen and here we are. These Challenges are quite the challenge if you're a speedrunner, otherwise we're just too highly qualified to play them. So I personally recommend that these Challenge runs get added. As seen in our discord server, we've already commenced running this special mode. In fact, hours have already been put in and strats have already begun development. It would be a shame if this mode doesn't get its own official speedrun category, especially for those of us who've waited a long time for this update.


New York City, NY, USA

Moderator note: ok.

ILs for challenge mode added