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A couple people have asked recently about how the rules apply to different glitches and mods. This is meant to clarify that.

Starting today, a new IL category has been added, tentatively named "Glitched". In short, this new category allows any and all glitches, regardless of how they affect gameplay. Please note this category does not allow mods, only the glitches available in the game.

Outside the Glitched category, the rules are simple: no mods or glitches that affect gameplay are allowed. The one exception is runs without traffic, which have a designated category.
On the issue of damaged vehicles, they are allowed, but please note that if you mod your damage, you cannot use values other than the default of 0.85. If you are found to be using non-default damage, your time will be removed.

When it comes to mods or glitches that don't affect gameplay, i.e. visual mods, they are allowed. These rules are not meant to stop you from using a neon purple car.

If you have any questions, please reply to this post or, even better, ping me on the Burnout Discord, available at the link in the sidebar.