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i read your post on reddit. interesting. i have a couple of questions concerning the top speed limit and speed cap. does every car have a speed cap? for example : if the cavalry has a top speed limit of say 100 mph, does it have a speed cap of more than 100 mph? if so, do you obtain the speed cap of any car by grinding walls going downhill or doing the "Finnish Flick"? just curious (and i'm mad as hell that i can't seem to come close to your hunter cavalry burning route time!!).


Yes, every car has a speed cap. To use your example, the Cavalry is artificially limited to 120 MPH. By that time, however, it's running at ~4450 RPM in 5th gear - banging on the door of its 4500 RPM limit. It'll gain speed by going downhill for some time after hitting the max RPM, but at 150 MPH, you'll run into a wall - and it'll be difficult to get past. That's what I called a cap, for lack of a better word. Different cars run at different RPMs and have different RPM limits, so it's hard to say when everything would hit the cap, but they do all have one somewhere.

As for the Cavalry Burning Route, it's a weird one. The Oval Champ 69 ended up being quicker for me despite the slower acceleration. Probably because it drifts straighter. I'd suggest improving your route (mine or Burnout_Psycho's would work well) and avoiding jumps as they slow you down.

Also, sorry about the late response, I don't check SR often. Discord's a good place to catch me if you wanna talk.

For anyone else reading this, the post he's referring to is here: