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Hey everyone! After a good week of redoing things, the categories have been overhauled with a license-based structure, new names and clearer rules. You can see the exact changes by comparing the BP and BPR pages, and recommendations on further changes are always welcome.

With that done and new players starting to speedrun, now's a great time to create some new categories! A BSI "All Collectibles" category has already been added and I'll be doing a run soon; ILs have also been split into traffic/no traffic. We'd like to hear more of your suggestions - what's a category/ILs you think would be a great fit?


BSI All Mega Jumps maybe could be one but not sure if that's something everyone would be interested in running? The other I can think of is all road rules (Could be split into Timed or Crash Time or you could have to do both to complete the run) again I'm not sure if people would want to run this but it's a idea 👍

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How about the Burning And Midnight rides???