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Over the weekend I completed a Full Game run live on Twitch but had a slight technical difficulty at one point, I noticed my "time live" had reset.
Turns out Twitch dropped and reconnect my stream. This has lead to the video of my run being split in two.

I kept my splits running through out as I never noticed the issue until a few minutes after it happened. Honestly looking back I wish I had just reset my run when I noticed it but due to the length of the run and the chance of it happening again I continued on hoping it dropped and reconnected with no gameplay loss. Upon looking at the videos it turns out I have lost a minute of footage.

Just wondering if there's anyway I can save this as I really don't fancy redoing it anytime soon. (Wishful thinking I know but may as well check)


it's not optimal, but if it's not like a WR run and you have the timer visible in the video (cause otherwise you wouldnt have any reference to how much time passed) I'd be fine with accepting it. Just make highlights of the 2 halfs of the run, submit part 1 and put a link to part 2 in the description of your submission

either way, if possible with your setup, I would always recommend local recording in addition to streaming cause you never know if twitch or your internet connection might cut out


Thank you for the quick response Nimputs.

I've definitely learnt from this so all future runs will have a local recording as a back up.
I think it technically is a WR only because no one else has run the category.


holy shit you actually did the whole thing. I did not expect anyone to ever submit a run for this category


Yeah haha. If it was a shorter category I'd have just redone it but with how long it was I thought I may as well ask first.


That’s a pretty impressive time to start the category with. Seems like it could be a really interesting category if effort was put into routing for all the collectibles and stuff, I might have to try this at some point, after I learn the normal run of course.