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Burnout Paradise Remastered Forum  /  Looking for feedback on upcoming IL changes

Hey all! I've been spending some time doing up the page for the original game and want to make some changes to BPR's page as well, mostly to address recent site changes which make it even more difficult to navigate ILs than previously.

The plan is to reduce the number of IL categories so that all runs can be displayed on one page, without having to scroll from side to side. There seem to be two ways to accomplish this, though of course you can suggest more:
1. Merge car and bike categories into one leaderboard.
2. Merge the normal and no traffic categories into one leaderboard, replacing them with a variable (or a subcategory?).

The second option is implemented on the original game's page as a variable, so you can check the ILs there for examples. (I'll probably end up changing it at some point, though.)

Both options could technically be implemented at the same time, but right now I'm leaning towards only using the first one since bikes are mostly a dead category. Cars and bikes are split because the game splits them, but can anyone think of a reason to follow that model? Because I honestly feel like they're not even valuable as a variables here.

I'm also planning on adding a damage variable to runs and lifting the ban on modded damage simply because it's so ubiquitous, but we'll see how that pans out.

Anyway, I'm keen to hear ideas and thoughts on this, kinda wish it could be kept as-is but it's nearly impossible to view all the times on the boards at the same time now. Hopefully the sr.c team will take a course in responsive web design and spare us this crap in the future.

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Oi burninrubber0! I've read your suggestions and they are indeed a solution-ish, atleast for me, because I like the way the IL categories are like now, but in case a change is needed...

I think we could divide the burning routes and burning rides to one category.
Then the road rules should stay as they are really, it would be a mess to move every run and rearrange everything, so I fancy not.

And about the other ones I don't know what I would do so...That's about it.

Hope you like my recomendations and sorry if you felt anything of this was kinda offensive? Wenduitz


on my screen, i'm only missing the any glitch category. can the font be made smaller to fit everything? if not, there's only 2 or 3 people in the world doing that category anyways. may not be worth the effort. but i do understand "making it look pretty"! LOL


I think it's ok

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The Burning Routes and Burning Rides will end up merged when cars/bikes get merged. Sadly the Road Rules can't be kept split if that happens because of how the site sets things up, at least not without each run having its own variable, but there really aren't that many bike Road Rules anyway.

There are no settings for fonts, or anything really. We don't have much control over how content is displayed.

About the Any Glitch category, I suspect it not being displayed is the reason the category hasn't gotten much attention. Since we've gotten the reverse glitch for the Revenge Racer, that's going to become a much more commonly used category, especially for Road Rules.

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just a heads up - i use firefox as a web browser. i lowered my font to 12 and everything fits perfectly.

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Glad to hear changing the font size can alleviate the problems with them displaying. Unfortunately we're probably looking at less than 0.1% of users who know or care enough to do that, so the default behavior is still an issue.

Anyhow, I've just finished putting in the changes for the original game. It worked out a lot better than I thought it would, probably as a side effect of having the categories be all glitch-based rather than a mix. Remastered's page will start getting updated either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I stop feeling dizzy.

I also updated the theme a bit, FWIW.


All done. Let me know what you guys think and whether you think it's worth putting a variable in to distinguish car and bike runs from each other (it'll be pretty easy to implement if people want it).