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Big Surf Island - 75% Route

By Thebpg13Thebpg13 Last updated

NOTE: I use the Dust Storm for the whole run as even though it's slower than using a faster car I find it to be quite nimble at performing stunts etc. and also you don't have to sit through the car unlock videos for the cars if you use it for the full run 😛

Start Run
+ Take out Billboard near Junkyard and gate smash opposite junction before BR

Dust Storm Burning Route
- Take out Billboard on right of Glover Way
- Smash and Billboard on right of Grange Hill
- Smashes on left of tunnel before Paradise Keys Bridge

Do the Bridge Jump and get the smashes and 2 billboards then do Tour De Force

Tour De Force
- Take out smashes and do Super Jump on the coast
- Super Jump through Lighthouse
- 2 billboards straight after then take the left jump and take out Smash through tunnel
- 2 smashes in Quarry

Do Super Jump off Construction Site then find Paint Shop before doing Makin' Waves (SR3)

Makin' Waves (Stunt Run)
- Get airtime through loop
- Airtime and Billboard then get the Billboard at the top
- Smash and Billboard on left of Glover Way before crash

Rocket Science (Race)
- Take out Billboard at end of Ramp near Tunnel
- 3 smashes and billboard on Pitt Avenue
- Billboard to the left of Paradise Keys Bridge (Lap 2)
- Take out other smash near Junkyard (Lap 2)
- Take out 2 smashes near end of Pitt Avenue (Lap 2)

Weakened Getaway (MM1)
- Take out Billboard near Lighthouse
- Smash and Super Jump leading up to Junkyard

Island Retreat (MM2)
- Take out Smash into Quarry
- Take out Smashes that lead back onto Maguire Road
- Smashes in Construction Site after main entrance (Use the concrete tube and go slow for this one!)
- Smash on McDonald Road on the right side!

Beat the time on Glover Way en-route to There and Back (Race)

There and Back (Race)

+ Take out the Billboard and Smash that drop down near Tour De Force.

+ Do all 3 RR events back to back.

Sunset Scramble (Race)
- Turn left then U-Turn to get enough speed to take out the Billboard
- Take out 2 smashes on underground route near Fuel Station
- Take out 2 smashes near Junkyard (Back route of Billboard jump nearby)
- Take out Billboard on Maguire Road

Ski Stuntday (Stunt Run)
- Take out all billboards in Perren's Point Quarry
- Take out all smashes in Perren's Point Quarry (if possible)
- Don't let the combo drop!
- Head to Shore Thing!

Shore Thing (Race)
- Take out billboard on left route of the coast as well as the smash

Show-Boating (Stunt Run)
- Take out smash for Car Park
- Billboards on roof (furthest on the right and Donut Super Jump)
- Once you land take out the smashes for the end of the storm drain (all 3 of them!)
- Billboard on the beach as well as the Pier Smash then head to Tour of Duty!

Tour of Duty
- Take out smash leading to Super Jump and Billboard going towards Perren's Point

Do all 12 Timed Road Rules and Showtimes!
(Tip: Do the outer ring roads first!)

+ When doing Paradise Keys Bridge get the Timed and Showtime Rules done in one go!

Super Jumps:
+ Storm Drain Super Jump (Off Daniell Way near the Beach)
+ Get Billboards nearby after you land as well as any Smashes (Lower Construction Site)
+ Construction Site Super Jump (Hoop)
+ Other Scaffolding Super Jump then McDonald Road (Hard Jumps so be careful) and then do Spiral Car Park
+ Both Ski Jumps (Get Smash & Billboard in Quarry too)
+ Billboards near end of Paradise Keys Bridge then to the Car Park
+ Super Jump off the end of the scaffolding

+ Smash and Billboard off McDonald Road (Going towards the Observatory)
+ Billboards in Construction Site as well as Smash (3 of them)
+ All smashes in Lower Midtown off Shires Drive and Pitt Avenue as well as Billboard (Even the hidden ones!)
+ Billboards on Car Park roof as well as Smash on other Spiral Car Park nearby (4 of them)

+ Some in the tunnel going towards Sunset Scramble Race on the left!

Licence should say 75% if everything is completed.

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