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Master chef % is a category I created because I love the depth and variety of the cooking mechanics but almost never see more than a handful of recipes as most are vary inefficient. As there are 60 meal slots the goal of this run is to have your meal inventory full of 60 unique cooked meals. Meal uniqueness is based on the meal image thus a sneaky fish skewer and a mighty fish skewer are the same meal as they both use the same skewered fish image.

Meals must have a recipes so baked/frozen ingredients don't count, Elixirs also don't count as monster parts and bugs aren't proper food(elixirs feel like sidestepping the spirit of the run so I am excluding them); likewise dubious food and rock hard food may not be used as they are not becoming of a master chef. On the other hand monster extract is fine to use as it can make interesting meals. Fairy tonic feels like a gray area but since warm milk counts I have decided to allow fairy tonic.

With at least 112 recipes available and only needing 60 the options for routing is large

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I kinda like this, and you can just use the botw cooking app, so no research is required. We'd just need to find a route for finding useful ingredients, I'd go to satori mountain if you want to run it. From there, you can go to Rito village and buy stuff, if you need rupees, there is a diamond on the mountain. You can then head into the wasteland and kill some animals, these drop mostly raw prime meat and raw gourmet meat. Then, head for goron city for goron spice and raw thigh meat (use an shock arrow). I think that might be enough but if you need more, you can go into kakariko to buy pumpkins and carrots. Elixirs are a backup too (I've played to much of this game).

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I saw Satougashi did a run of this which I'm guessing is where you got the idea from ( ) . To be honest, I wouldn't be against this but the rules Satougashi proposes in the description of the video probably need some tweaking to make it more category extension friendly.

You'll also need 4 other runs of it if you want it to become an official category so you might want to learn how to speedrun the game


I was unaware of Satougashi, its an idea I had months ago and shelved after hitting problems with wandering merchants (darn that Yammo); then recently I picked up the idea again and posted it to reddit and a little later here. I'm not terribly interested in running speedruns myself but I wanted to get this idea out there and I am thrilled someone with some speedrunning skills had the same idea.