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Hey guys! I'm pretty late to the party in terms of submitting my stuff, but it seems like my any% WR is already up on here. Cool 🙂

I'm getting back into streaming weekly for this game, and after I get back into practice, I want to tackle a 100% route. For the sake of consistency, I'm defining 100% as all Lightning Cards, all Charaboms + Fusions, and all Heart Upgrades. Obviously, the main goal here is to minimize the amount of times we need to revisit a level, but it seems virtually unavoidable in some instances. There's kinda an annoying amount of times early-game where you need one specific elemental bomb to do one thing in a level, so I think it's mandatory in a few instances. It'd be nice if we could at least avoid having to refight any bosses, but I'm not seeing a way where we can have Wind and Water bombs before Beauty Bomber. 🙁 Not looking forward to having to sit through those cutscenes twice.

I also think an All-LC run could be interesting to route at some point in the future, too. A large amount of these Charaboms + Fusions are frankly useless. Most of them just max out one of your Fire/Bomb/Speed Ups, which you'll have after the first few levels anyway, and the fusions all seem totally useless outside of P Dragon. None of these portals are really ever in a very interesting spot and hardly actually use the Charaboms' eh. The LC's are at least in interesting spots, have interesting puzzles attached to them, or make boss fights at least a little more tense, but it just seems like a bit of a waste of time to pick up all these Charaboms and not use half of them.

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