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Hi :3!

I'm currently learning this game btw so i'm not a complete stranger to it xD I played it a lot as a kid and really wanted to put some time into it and have been learning for a good few weeks nearly ready to do my first run :3!

Anyway, that's not the reason i'm making this forum post so moving on xD

I have created a few images for this leaderboard if you want to use them go ahead!I will post the images below :3!

Speedrun com

(The place icons don't have to be the exact same number as I've put, these were just the order I randomly put them xD)

1st place

2nd Place

3rd place

4th Place

These are my own designs from scratch although the bomberman heads are pretty much the exact same as the one from the cover art just made from scratch with some extra detail, I'm sure you all know about copyright, plagiarism blah blah xD

have a lovely day~