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Most of the runs I submitted were rejected because "It's too long compared to first place". I'm just wondering why this is even a rule. I know I'm "Not putting in my best effort", but it's a first run, I can improve it overtime. In my opinion rejecting a run because it's not good enough for mod standards isn't a fair reason for rejection.

  ModwobeT the rule was made over a year ago to prevent people from, like murphy said, putting up over an hour runs for round 15 and such. Since no objective lines were set it has gotten down to if we feel a runner didn't really try to do the run it often gets rejected. if i recall correctly some of your classic elixer runs were slower than the day 1 no elixer runs.
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My viewpoint is that the rule is definitely a little on the ambiguous side. That being, if you're going to have a quality control esque rule in this manner, it needs to be pretty clear cut what the cut-off point is. Though, I would still argue the rule in general is likely to cause more issues (both for the moderators and for the runners) than if it either didn't exist or were only for particular exceptions. Such as runs submitted that are, as an example, 5x longer than the average run / blind let's plays or blatant troll submissions.

When people are being denied the right to participate and submit for some arbitrary reasoning, and that reasoning in itself is sort of inconsistent to begin with (there are runs on here, which were accepted on the board within the last 1-2 days, that are mathematically less optimized than one run of GamerLand's which was rejected), I feel some responsibility at least for these complaints has to be taken.

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If you have any disputes with your time being rejected review above^^^^^
As for the rules they've been nerfed due to too many complaints, and they've been laid out better for people who can't decipher rules very well. Thanks.


I was wondering if we should get a speedrun page for Easter Egg Endings. It'll be cool to have speedruns of the easter egg completion. And I have a few proofs to supply with me.

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we have ee runs what do you mean?


If you are talking about Easter Egg speedruns, its called Main Quest on the leaderboards