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  wobeTwobeT the rule was made over a year ago to prevent people from, like murphy said, putting up over an hour runs for round 15 and such. Since no objective lines were set it has gotten down to if we feel a runner didn't really try to do the run it often gets rejected. if i recall correctly some of your classic elixer runs were slower than the day 1 no elixer runs.
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I was wondering if we should get a speedrun page for Easter Egg Endings. It'll be cool to have speedruns of the easter egg completion. And I have a few proofs to supply with me.


we have ee runs what do you mean?


If you are talking about Easter Egg speedruns, its called Main Quest on the leaderboards


I run Black Ops II Zombies and was wondering, why does this game not have the "song" category? It is pretty recognizable throughout all Black Ops Zombies games and would be a nice addition to the categories.


I know that the rules state that you have to show the lobby screen but if you get a good run off stream could you just record the theater mode and then use the BOAS system to show that you didn't use talismans, normal diff, etc?


I want to start submitting some runs. Will you guys accept Facebook streams? I don't stream on anything else and having to record and upload in addition to streaming would be most unfortunate.