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Is it just the cash bank or also the gun bank (fridge)?

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I see that wobet has a 3rd place run in 2p buried packapunch. The bank had been opened but he never used it. Why is it not in the no bank category. He never actually used the bank so there is no reason it shouldn't been in no bank. Can a mod review this? i don't think it is right.


The other guy literally pulls out like 27k


I didn't think it mattered since I was just timing my own pack a punch and didnt withdraw anything but he must have opened a door with his bank money. My bad.


why would that matter. wobeT never pulled out any there fore it never effected his time. how is it even relevant to his time?


I think a mod should go and re-write the No-bank category rules to be a little more specific. I believe it should say "No players active in the game may use the Gun or Point bank at any point during the run." (Assuming that the gun bank is not allowed)