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It seems many people don't agree on the ruling for Individual Levels, and I keep receiving tons of DMs, and since a result hasn't been reached, I decided to make a poll.
Two choices are being polled for IL ruling:
- Single-segment: Runs must be done without dying, saving or loading
- Real Time Attack: Runs must be done in one sitting, timed from the start to the completion of the level, with saves, loads and deaths allowed

Just as a quick reminder, ILs are SS for FPS speedruns in general, for Half-Life 1 and 2.
The poll will be set up as the following:
- People will vote in the comments (non-secret poll).
- People can argue about the rulings on this thread
- Voters MUST have one run in the leaderboard, either as IL or as Full-Game. "I am going to run the game if the ruling is applied" is not a valid reason (see Portal 1 vault save vote).
- Poll will start now, your vote must be readable and will end the 7th September 2018 at 20h GMT+1.


Real Time Attack.

To give a bit more flexibility and room for improvement.


RTA as stated above

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Real Time Attack.

It's the method a lot of games use (I can't say it's the majority of ALL games, but definitely the majority of games I follow). It is vital for some skips in full-game runs so having it for individual levels would give consistency. It's also good quality of life.


It makes little sense to have it use a completely different rule set compared to full-game.

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I vote for RTA

My main reason is it would limit tricks we currently use in full runs for no reasons. Making IL runs deathless and forbidding loading is an artefact from the past. Also note games used to be ran at highest difficulty only, which is something almost no game does anymore. The only reason people did that was to artificially increase the challenge and entertainment value when speedrunning was freshly born and searching its identity and trying to gain legitimacy in the eSport world.

We would not be the first to walk away from the old way of speedrunning. I will give the Doom series as an example.

This is a copy paste from the rules of the original Doom:
''Beat map on Ultra-Violence. No cheating, no saving, no loading.''
(Ultra-Violence is the hardest difficulty level)

This is a copy paste from Doom 2016, the latest in the series:
''Use any means to complete the level from start to finish''

A perfect example in my mind of the old mentality and the new one. So, since we're voting on it, im voting for the newer one.


prop clipping is cheating lol


nah jk
RTA is better now that i really think about
I vote RTA

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