What's the current rule for timing the run? When does it start and when does it end? In the HappyPigsGaming's 20:02, the timer starts from gameplay, but in Tooshi's 20:04 it starts from the name selection.

Also, what's the exact frame when the timer ends at? Cuz I timed Tooshi's run when the magic trail stops moving and it's 20:04.10, not 20:04.29.

Re-timing HappyPigsGaming's 20:04 start being from the name select to magic trail stop, the run is 20:04.45, so not even a new world record.

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Since there was no clear ruling on the game, I added it to the rules. And to specify the exact frames that I am going to re-time the current runs, as well as the future runs:

Time starts from file select, a clear black screen appears at the start of the loading screen.

The timer ends when you have defeated Wenlock (final boss). Timing the runs on the exact frame is quite difficult, but the death animation starts from Wenlock bending forward.

With this, old runs have been re-timed, and to go back to the two runs I made a post about 2 months ago:
Tooshi: 20:04.290 -> 20:03.970
HappyPigsGaming: 20:02.031 -> 20:04.466

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