Working Guide for 100%
3 years ago
Texas, USA

Barbie 100% - Took me nearly 40 minutes to do this and it may not be the most optimal, but it's a good start! Carpet on the roof Deliver Carpet - sun charm Yellow crystal even higher Green crystal down below Lunch from the wife Harp in the castle Red crystal in the castle Blue crystal in the castle Complete Crystal Mini-Game Complete Block Dissolve Mini-Game Deliver Harp - Music Charm Deliver Lunch - Diamond Complete Flower Mini-Game Free Green Genie Get Magic Feather Complete Pegasus Mini-Game Switch to air carpet Free Yellow Genie Pick up the toy Play Match Mini-Game Deliver toy - Glitter Sparkles Pick up baby bottle Deliver baby bottle - Amethyst Free Red Genie Pick up mermaid gift Play Fish Mini-Game Switch to water carpet Switch to earth carpet Switch to water carpet Free Blue Genie Switch to earth carpet Switch to water carpet Pick up the ribbon Teleport to Forest Switch to air carpet Switch to green carpet Deliver feather - Crown Switch to water carpet Water tree - Emerald Switch to air carpet Pick up the bow Deliver Bow - Arrow Switch to fire carpet Start oven - Magic Horseshoe Switch to air carpet Switch to water carpet Get the necklace Switch to air carpet Switch to water carpet Play magic potion Mini-Game Deliver mermaid gift - get bracelet Deliver bracelet - Gem Heart Deliver necklace - Ruby Get crystal raindrop from air temple Deliver crystal raindrop - Moon Charm Switch to water carpet Deliver Ribbon - Sapphire Pick up fishing net Pick up magic wand Deliver magic wand - Star Charm Deliver fishing net - Pearl Switch to air carpet Defeat Kardal Congratulations! You're the ultimate master genie!

100% Rules: All Crystals and the Medallion All Rings, Flying Carpets, and Nature Powers Carpet and the Sun Charm Harp and the Music Charm Husband's Lunch and the Diamond Bow and the Arrow Toy and the Glitter Sparkles Baby Bottle and the Amethyst Feather and the Crown The Emerald The Magic Horseshoe Mermaid Gift, Bracelet, and the Gem Heart Necklace and the Ruby Crystal Raindrop and the Moon Charm Ribbon and the Sapphire Magic Wand and the Star Charm Fishing Net and the Pearl

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Congrats to PinkyNoice on a sub 8:30 Any% run!

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