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You can do some weird things with the FPC, and I’ll give some theory as to why I think they happen.

Firstly, I think it is safe to assume that the game does NOT want you moving in first person. you cannot walk while in FPC, as controlling the camera becomes mapped to the analog stick.
It becomes more evident that movement is not intended in first person when you come into contact with slopes.

While on a doghouse or sign, you are able to go into FPC. Doing this will simply cause you to slide off of the slope and onto the ground below while remaining in FPC, and this is relatively normal. However, if you exit FPC while you are still sliding/on the slope, your player will become invisible. So far, it seems that this is purely cosmetic, and you still function as if you were visible. You are still able to collect items, enter loads and take damage as normal.
In the first key door of world 2, there is a sign inbetween the two beginning trash cans, if you go into FPC while on the right sight of the sign, you will land on the small area of ground before the pit. If you exit FPC while on this spot of ground, you will be pushed into the pit. This has to do with the games horrible clipping and displacement mechanics. While in FPC you are able to be displaced inside the sign, and unable to be moved by the games readjustment. So when you go out of FPC and are able to be readjusted out of the sign, it pushes you into the pit.

Another displacement example can be done in world one. in the prison hub, if you jump into the railing surrounding the pit and go into FPC as you hit the ground, you will land inside the railing. When you exit FPC you can see that the character is nearly halfway inside the railing before being pushed back onto the ground.


There are more surprising things with FPC,

In the first level of world 1, you can enter FPC and enter a vent at the same time, you will become invisible and after shooting out the vent you will be unable to interact with the level, softlocking the level until you exit or quit. You cannot hit the buttons, and your inputs will not trigger a sound or dust animation, It’s like you unload from the level.


Another thing happens In world 2 after punching the stoplight and getting on the truck. if you go into FPC while on the truck and it moves from under you, you will remain in the air, and you are able to exit FPC with a jump or other action. This one is the most intriguing to me because you are able to jump in the air, and if this happens somewhere else, you would be able to jump from higher than you’re supposed to, possibly allowing you to further exploit the level and save time.

I will post each interesting thing I find in this thread, and I still have a few that I’m too lazy to type out right now, but I will definitely continue looking into this

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Haha wow. So seems like none of this has any speedrun applications though? I want a way to get up on the ledges and skip hitting the stoplight to get on the truck, but haven't found it yet.

Some other glitches I've seen:

1) In the second key area in world 2, I was able to clip partially into the wall. I was hoping to skip having to go back in that area twice for the music note on the other side, but I wasn't able to go THROUGH the wall. Just stuck partially in it.

2) Once in the vertical jail section with elevators, one of those giant arms that reach out of a jail cell just started spazzing out. It grew exponentially, taking over the entirely screen, and then the game popped up an error message saying "error ___ (bunch of random characters)" but this error message was in the Blues Brothers 2000 font, so it looks like the game developers actually programed in an error message. I haven't been able to replicate this haha.

3) Also in that vertical jail section, if you spin on your head you SOMETIMES can clip through the bars without having to kill the guard at each gate. But I don't know why sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. If this was possible to be done at every gate, it would save a good amount of time in the speedrun, but since I can't make it happen when I want to, I just straight jump on the guards fast and take the extra 3 seconds each.


Yea the truck glitch doesn’t have any current implications, but I think it creates the chance of something similar being possible somewhere else


Unfortunately being forced to collect all the music notes I think really limits a lot of big skips beyond the one's I've already found (skipping both sewer sections in world 2). Like skipping the river in world 4 would be awesome but I don't think you can. Even if you could get across, there is a note on the path.

If getting into the boss fights without collecting all of the notes or instruments would really break the game. If that was found, I would probably say it would be a whole separate category


Barriers and load triggers in this game are seriously messed up, I would not be surprised if there was SOMETHING found along those lines.
You can walk around multiple load triggers, enter them from the back, or skip them completely.

In world 2 this can save time, but it is very precise, most of the windows that lead into and out of buildings can be passed through without hitting the camera trigger that makes the screen fade from black. On the rooftop section if you jump through or sometimes walk on the far left or right, you will pass through the window and into the next section without the camera fade, which stops you from moving until it fades back in.
I have gotten the best results by barely jumping into and towards the yellow border of the window.
I’ll make a post with every spot in world 2 where I’m able to do this, and list the implications of each one.

I would not be discouraged about the possibility of future music note skips, we are discovering and learning new things and I think it’s only a matter of time before blues brothers is broken lol


As for the new category, we already skip wrenches that you are intended to collect, so 100% IS a category that could be made.

games without much variation usually have categories that almost seem unessecary (, so 100% could be listed as an “extra” category or something.


I already noticed all of those issues with load triggers haha. I try to do a few of them in my run, but it's not easy, especially because the loading into next room is only like 2 seconds so its not worth spending an extra two seconds to set up a more precise jump to bypass it.

A Really cool one, which I think one of my older runs has, is in world 4 When the giant Hillbilly chases you. I think in my route you never actually see the hillbilly because I get so far ahead of him with the speed boost, but if you keep the speed boost and jump over the transition trigger for the camera then you it won't shift to where you are running towards the camera. The camera will still be facing forward, and the Giant hillbilly never spawns! Not sure if this saves any time other than being easier to steer yourself. Or if the hillbilly causes any lag?

But I don't know if skipping music notes will ever be possible. Because each world has a load trigger to enter the boss fight, and completing the boss fight triggers exiting the stage. To enter each boss fight, you have to enter the load zone with the music notes and instrument. If you don't have all the music notes, the NPC at the end will say "sorry!" and send you back to the beginning of the stage. And if you just bypass the load trigger for the boss fight, you just can't enter the boss fight so you wonder around aimlessly. Happens a lot in World 3 all the time, on accident, until you walk backwards into the load trigger. So I'm not that Optimistic on skipping notes 😕

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As for the new category, I don't think 100% and any% are needed yet. Skipping 2 wrenches and 1 key (in world 4) really doesn't save that much time. maybe like 20 seconds for the wrenches? and the one key in world 4 is like an extra 8 seconds or something. So it's basically the same thing lol. Even if you collected the wrenches, we still wouldn't go into the sewer stages, so it just seems silly to me to have different categories.

For Now.

If we found a way to skip music notes, that would skip A LOT more of the game, then yes I think two categories would be a good idea at that point.

Also, I'm the only person who has run this game so far so categories have just been 1) only my decision haha and 2) Not really an issue cause no competition 🙂