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I know a while back ago, Cyberdemon531 found that you are able to ledge clip in Canis Lunis 2. However, the PS1 doesn't render the level and the graphics disappear. We theorized that the PC version would load the level correctly. And now, I am happy to announce that it is does in fact work.

Unfortunately, this clip does not work with the Time Trial or XR challenges. And since you aren't getting the GACs from the enemies, we must find a GAC route for this level. Or we could find out how to get a half medal somewhere else. This saves at least 3 minutes in any%.


You see how all the doors are open? In the Time Trial and XR the doors are closed. And since the doors can only be opened by killing a certain number of enemies, and since the enemies don't spawn correctly when you clip, you are forever trapped.


Well for the gac route in this level you might be able to just kill all the guys in the boss arena unless they are invincible. Either way, this skip immediately outdated every world record in this game (not that they were that good anyways). Congrats on proving that pc master-race is still superior 😛


Is thier a consistent way to do this skip?


@PeterAfroPeterAfro Do a left strafe walk into the corner and then jump while holding left and forward. This is the most consistent way although it's not guaranteed.


what I like to do is not hold forward, but instead only press it when Buzz's shoulders are in line with the top of the boxes, that's what I do and I get it first try more or less every time. Doing it this way stops you from accidentally jumping onto the lower box and faffing about trying to get back down