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Hey f1, I was just wondering if you would be able to add some more categories, like finishing 1 map, 5 maps. etc, and maybe some level speedruns? Like for each difficulty and map, I think that would be pretty swag, thanks man.

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sorry it took so long for my reply (im not F1 just in contact with them on discord and here)

As I'm he person that requested the game i know most about this title but F1 has informed me that he would like to play the game first before hand and emulation on psp is sketchy at times where all games have differnt settings and to properly emulate games a person needs a psp next to the device your emulating on that way a person is able to get a 1:1 emulation rate tru settings trying to match them

but i can give you an idea of catigortys for the game that way you can start doing runs while you wait 🙂

Bloons TD (PSN) speedrun catigoys

Classic pack 1 (all maps) Easy Medium Hard
Classic 1 ^ ^ ^
Classic 2 ^ ^ ^
classic 3 ^ ^ ^

Forest Pack (all maps) ^ ^ ^
Forest 1
Forest 2
Forest 3

Desert Pack (all maps)
Desert 1
Desert 2
Desert 3

Moon Pack (all maps)
Moon 1
Moon 2
Moon 3

Classic pack 2 (all maps)
Classic 1.5
Classic 2.5
Classic 3.5

stress mode (all maps in game)

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