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Ragnaros with Majordomo Executus + Treachery combo:

Similar to the strategy used by Tsubaki & Mirin on their heroic Karazhan run during 'RTA in Japan'. Majordomo is similar to Nazra, but significantly easier. So you can put more card draws in the deck to get a faster time.
I normally get a time between 3 to 5 minutes with this deck.
(Also, I forgot to try out Coldlight Oracle in this deck)


Baron Geddon with Majordomo Executus + Treachery combo:

Similar to the Ragnaros fight, where it's easy to gain board control against the boss but it takes a long time to kill him. This deck takes between 3 to 5 minutes, which is significantly faster than my old Zoolock deck and is more consistent than Tsubaki's Token Druid deck.

Thaurissan isn't necessary here (probably also not necessary for the Ragnaros fight). Putting Majordomo without using Treachery immediately won't be dangerous, since the AI usually never have enough damaging spells to kill Majordomo, and AI usually have other targets that they prioritize.

The deck itself might not be optimal though. I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of other ways to build this deck, such as putting a lot of typical zoo minions such as Darkshire Councilman or Defender of Argus.


The priest OTK combo can be improved now thanks to Temporus. Old combo uses Emperor Thaurissan + Mirage Caller to set up the combo, while now you could just use Temporus so the combo only requires 5 cards instead of 6.
(Temporus, Velen, Mirage Caller, Volazj, Mind Blast)

If you only need 64 damage, an alternative will be to use Stormwatcher + 2x Divine Spirit + Inner Fire.

Although there's an obvious downside to this combo since it gives the opponent an extra turn, which could easily kills you. For Lord Nefarius, this risk is irrelevant since there will be a point where your opponent stops playing any minions once his hand is full of spells.


I tried Maloriak with Warlock and it seems to have slightly better winrate and speed compared to the Priest deck that I used in my 1:14 run, here's the list

Gameplan is just to stall early on, and then gain board control and hit face in the late game with your minions. Warlock have really good board clears for this boss (Hellfire and Abyssal Enforcer, also Shadowflame although it's more situational)

There are a bunch of alternative cards that you can put in the deck. Maybe more early game (such as Zombie Chow or Plated Beetle), more Poisonous minions (such as Giant Wasp and Stubborn Gastropod), more Silences, more secret counters, and also put two copies of cards that I only have one of in my list.

When I started building this deck, I was thinking to put Bloodreaver Guldan and N'zoth as a finisher (similar to how I used N'zoth in my Priest deck), but the mana seems too high and is unnecessary to kill the boss. Voidlord already acts as a really good finisher as long as it doesn't get Polymorphed.

Also, credits to Neonangel for his Maloriak guide which inspires me to try Warlock for this boss.


Some notes about the other bosses that I haven't explained above:

Now it's significantly easier compared to how it was a year ago, since the AI prefers to trade more often and because they never used Kidnapper's Combo somehow (they always used Kidnapper as their first card). The finishing time have a huge variance, it could go between 2 to 5.5 minutes.

Rend Blackhand:
Significant improvement thanks to Call to Arms, the deck is now more consistent and faster compared to my old run a year ago. Usually I got a time between 3.5 to 5 minutes.

Void Ripper and Corridor Creeper are pretty good for this boss, expect Creeper to be nerfed eventually though.

This boss becomes even harder compared to how it was when me and Tsubaki are running this, because the AI now will properly use their Claw and Bite. With the old AI, somehow the AI thinks that Claw and Bite are healing spells and will only use it when they have a low HP. My deck seems to have less than 50% winrate against this boss, maybe somewhere around 40%.

Two possible strats that seems to have the same speed, Warlock (with Majordomo+Treachery) or OTK Priest (the one that Tsubaki used in his 1:13 run). With both decks, I got a time around 3.5 to 5.5 minutes, not sure which one have a better average time.


New strats for Omnotron: Sound the Bells! + Electron

Electron (reduces your spell cost by 3 mana) allows you to cast the Echo spell unlimited times. Faster average speed compared to the old Druid deck. Tried this 15-20 times and I only lost once.

The time it takes to cast all the Sound the Bells! takes about 40 seconds with a Crazed Alchemist, takes twice more time without it.

I added Ironbeak Owl to silence Taunts, if he put one.

Demo video:


Chromaggus with Discard Quest Warlock:

Credits to Monk for this decklist. (And here's his recent work for other bosses if anyone wants to look at it ) He said he got around 60% winrate with this deck, which is a significant improvement compared to the old priest deck.

The aim is to complete the quest and get rid of his Chromatic Dragonkins during the early turns. Usually I managed to complete the quest within 7 turns. After using the quest reward, next goal is to stabilise the board and eventually you'll be ahead in board control.

The game will be smoother if you have Cataclysm in opening hand. You can use it either in turn 4 to complete the quest straight away. or wait until turn 6 to bait more enemy minions using your Bronze curse (and Cataclysm on turn 6 will also get rid of your Bronze and Black curse).

I guess Zilliax and Clutchmother Zavas isn't really important in this deck, in case you don't have then and didn't want to craft them. Lana'thel is pretty good as a late game though.


Recently, I tried Lord Nefarius again, which gets harder somehow compared to back when I do runs at K&C era. I tried to put Wax Elementals, Annoy-o-tron and Giggling Inventors which seems to help quite a lot. Got a record of 8-5 with one loss where I made stupid misplays.

Although AI seems to use their spells more often now compared to older AI, which makes it unlikely for them to have a hand full of spells, unlike back then where it often happen.
(Might also be the reason on why this level gets harder)
As a result, the games are probably slower too, although I havent tried timing my attempts


Decklist and deckcodes that I'm going to use for my resetless* runs. Gonna update any changes to decklists in this post. (Updated 24/2)

*) Resetless after I got the Millhouse trick in second fight.

Major changes:

- Maloriak:
Playing with warlock like what I did last year didn't go well somehow. My winrate is not so good, maybe current AI knows how to curve better.
So, I tried N'zoth priest deck instead (similar to my older strats). It's working pretty well thanks to the newer cards. Maybe about 70% winrate if he didn't play Abberation spell turn 1-2, I still reset if he does play it in turn 1-2 though.
N'zoth and Arch-thief Rafaam are the late game finishers. Speed is bit slower than using warlock though.
Still not that sure if my deck composition is optimal. Gnomergan Infantry and Plated Beetle are worth trying out as well.

- Baron Geddon & Ragnaros:
I put in Countess Ashmore to tutor Majordomo Executus. Which means that I can't use any other deathrattles, and have to change a lot of my old decklist. Fortunately both bosses are pretty easy and you could try lots of alternative cards.
Had good results in these two bosses during my runs, often got a fast time compared to my run a year ago.

- Atramedes: (My old zoolock deck didn't work well anymore, maybe because the opponent knows how to trade even better, kinda like in Maloriak.)
Odd Paladin works well for Atramedes, since hero power doesn't buff his weapon and he doesn't have any board clears. Speed is also slightly faster than my old zoolock deck, usually finishes in turn 7-9.
Playing this deck fast is also harder than I thought. Need to constantly monitor opponent's damage on board to make sure they don't kill you, since you'll mostly hitting face once you have bunch of tokens,
Some notes on how to play this deck:
- Don't play anything in turn 1, and use hero power in turn 2. Playing a 1-drop in turn 1 is useless since that'll just buff Atramedes's weapon and the 1-drop will be wasted.
- If you already got a bunch of tokens at around turn 4/5, I'll just mostly hit face and ignore most of enemy minions, except if enemy's board is capable of killing you.
- the 1-drops purpose are to protect your tokens (other than Lost in the Jungle)
- When dealing with Twilight Whelp or Faerie Dragon early on, damaging them to 1 HP works well since that'll stop them from hitting your tokens.

Minor changes made recently:
- Chromaggus: Added more healing (Shroom Brewer), Doomsayer (good early game) and Deathwing in case things are still bad in late game. Not sure if I made the right changes, but I seem to like these changes from my limited amount of testing
- Rend Blackhand: Equality is nerfed so I switched it with Shrink Ray. Also replaced Wild Pyromancer with Belligerent Gnome now since Pyromancer is weak without equality. My old run have 4-mana Call to Arms, but it's 5-mana now so I only use one copy of it.
- Lord Nefarius: Mass Hysteria is a really good board clear for this boss.
- Garr: Dozing Marksman and Rumble Bouncer is not bad for this boss.
- Omnotron: Flash of Light and Prismatic Lens are good card draws for this fight.
- Nefarian: Tried to use Countess Ashmore as well, but I can't make it work without any deathrattles since they're really useful for this boss. My final decklist turns out to only use one 2-drop (Dark Peddler) so I switched it for Prince Keleseth for the memes.



Have been testing Razorgore by making tweaks in my warlock deck lately. The deck I used last time still have some chance to lose, since some of the cards are win-more cards.

Newer AI also made this boss a bit harder, since AI sometimes use Cruel Taskmaster on turn 1 on his own egg, which gives him really strong tempo. Bad early game draw will kill you quickly.

The version I used right now tried to add more solid mid-games and a bit of heals. Very unlikely to get a kill below turn 9 now, but also less likely to have the game being very slow thanks to my mid-game cards. So I'm not sure if the average speed is slower than before or not, but much less variance though. Still not sure if my deck composition are optimal or not.

Removed cards:
- Darkshire Councilman and Fungalmancer: Win-more cards.
- Mind Control Tech: Effect isn't that consistent.
- Vulgar Homonculus: Not sure if it's right to remove this, but this card doesn't help in removing his first egg. Also won't kill the first egg if enemy will buff it with a turn 1 Cruel Taskmaster.

New cards:
- Kooky Chemist: Solid stats for mid-game, and removes an egg instantly
- Corrupting Mist: Good for early/mid game if you aren't in an ideal situation, as per Monk's suggestion. Can't be used to remove his first egg though.
- Despicable Dreadlord: Solid mid-game minion
- Zilliax and 1x Healbot: Need healing sometimes if things aren't ideal, so I can keep using Life Tap (This boss have Wolfrider, Bloodlust and Dragon's Breath). Don't want to put more since other healings besides Zilliax doesn't build your tempo.

Also tried to use Sightless Ranger, thought it'll be a more sustainable version of Imp-losion. Prefer to have Dreadlord and Doomguards as 5-drops though

Don't know if there are other decks besides zoolock that is better for this boss. Warlock have lots of tools to deal with the eggs, and Life Tap to keep more consistent tempo in mid/late game. Tried Odd and regular Paladin a bit but they don't have good tools to deal with the eggs


Tweaked my Thaurissan priest deck, since I think the deck could've had more heals and also recent buffs helps this deck. Not sure how optimised this list is, but seems it's still fast and consistent overall. Seldom goes to more than turn 10.

Added Light of the Naaru for an extra healing, can use it in turn 3 since you'll get damaged for at least 6 health by Moira.

Extra Arms replaced Velen's Chosen. Thought of keeping 1x Velen's Chosen, but I think I rather have other cards.

Replaced Toxic Sewer Ooze with Acidic Swamp Ooze. Rather have the 2-drop instead of 3-drop now, easier to play other cards on curve with the 2-drop Ooze.
(Could've added 1x Toxic Ooze as well if I want to, but weapon removal isn't that important I think)

Added Snip-snap as well, decent card overall, and I already have quite a lot of mechs on the deck. Don't think I want to add any other mechs though, since there's not so much mechs that are good by itself.

Removed Silence, almost never used it on my previous attempts


Realspartan came up with a newer strat for Chromaggus last weekend, using Auchenai combined with green curses to kill Chromaggus.
Demo video:

My most recent iteration for this strats have some differences.
- I added Deathwing to the Chromaggus Priest deck, as a third win condition besides the two Auchenais.
- I replaced Tar Creeper with Explosive Sheep, cause another 2-drop is useful. Playing Tar Creeper at turn 3 is also not optimal since AI won't trade his 2/3 Dragonkin on the Tar Creeper

Decklist and deckcode for my most recent iteration:


Made some changes to Omnotron deck recently as per Herrabanani's suggestion.

Main change is that the deck only have 2 spells, Sound the Bells and Prismatic Lens. The Prismatic Lens will guarantee a Sound the Bells draw since there's no other spells. Overall this variant seems to be a bit faster cause you don't need to cast bunch of spells to get your OTK.

Another new addition is putting in Arcane Golem and Booty Bay Bookie. Using it in turn 3 will make opponent summon their Electron faster since they will have 4 mana one turn earlier.

Decklist I used: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​NVouFR7
Deckcode: AAEBAZ8FAA/7AZwCoQLSA4gF4wWhBvgH+wz8D4m0AvnsAvz8AsaJA8GYAwA=
Herrabanani's spreadsheet sumarising the deck variants: https:/​/​docs.​google.​com/​spreadsheets/​d/​1V5LnPZ2WRzjX31VWP1K_V19E-CcaYwT--fnrKbjgpVU/​edit?usp=sharing