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So, as far as I've played, emulating Blinx 2 on the Xbox 360 hasn't had and problems with any kind of slow down or lag.

I know lag can be an issue when you emulate certain games on the 360 (¤cough cough¤ Blinx 1) and I was wondering if there are any levels/areas that are known to be laggy.

Edit: I only ask because I can't seem to get my capture card to record footage from the original Xbox


If I recall correctly, I remember reading somewhere that Blinx 2 was fully compatible with the 360


Am I allowed to post runs using the 360 though?


It might not run as well on the 360 as it does on an original Xbox, but we don't disallow it. Go ahead if that's what you've got.

Just make sure to tag your run with the appropriate console. I've added the 360 to the list, so you should be able to select it.