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So I've noticed that there hasn't been any other times besides mine being uploaded to the site, and though I enjoy saying "I got world record!" every time I PB, it's a little uninteresting with competition, so I'm interested in seeing some feedback on a couple ideas.

1) Allow any run with any time be submitted so long as either the splits or a video are uploaded. If the splits are WR worthy, then I'll look them over to make sure they're legit, but otherwise, everything should be fine.

2) Create a new category and separate the Platinum Hits version (normal any%) from the original game (Original any%, maybe?) or something of the nature to make the game more accessible to PAL players or those who can't easily gain access to a Platinum Hits copy of the game.

The first idea is mostly something I'm throwing out so people know that you don't need to record anything to submit a time, the second idea is mostly what I wanna know people's opinions about.


I think for the 2nd idea, we shouldn't make too many sub categories, rather, we can have a new specification added on the leaderboard saying either "Platinum Hits" or "Original Version" next to our run time.