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I've noticed that once you hit the Chronohorn on it's final green phase, you can still pause, use time controls, move, or die before the boss fades away. Technically once you deliver the final hit to the Chronohorn, it take exactly 3 seconds for the game to be finished. Thats when the in-game timer stops and you're unable to perform any actions. I was wondering if the timing method for this boss should be changed for this reason.



The only situation in which those 3 seconds would really affect the game is if you shot a bomb at the Chronohorn and you were in its blast radius. Seeing as the hit on the Chronohorn is the last action necessary to complete the game, and because it's much easier to stop the timer after getting the last hit over the true last moment of the game, I personally think it would be fine to keep it as it is. In those few, probably very rare situations that bombs are used at the end and the timer is stopped before the player recognizes, I think it'd be fine to keep the run but adjust the final time afterwards to be accurate after the misclick.


No problem, it's something that's never really been brought up, so there's never really been a need for any sort of clarification. It can be changed too if others think it would lead to more accurate times