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The Xbox One Port for Blinx the Time Sweeper has recently come out, and if you look at any Video showcasing it, you'll see that the Loading Times are only one second long.
The Loading Times on the Original Xbox are inconsistent. this Video showcasing the Japanese Version is the fastest loading time i've seen for the Game, lasting 2 seconds There might be a way to Mod the Original Xbox to decrease the Loading times for the Game. See this thread here

There's also the fact that you can still make Blinx run faster by moving diagonally, watch any part of this Video and it's easy to notice I'm not sure what type of Controller the Player is using to do this, but their not the only one who's able to do this trick

I've also seen Videos for the Xbox One where Blinx does not move faster when moving diagonally, so finding the right Controller to speedrun the game might still be an issue. i'm not sure whether this is because of the Player's Controller Limitations or their just not pushing the Analog stick far enough.

Lastly, it's a Port of the Original Release and not the Platinum One. A run on an Original Xbox with the Platinum Version would likely still be faster depending on how fast your Xbox can load each level, but if the Platinum Version does get released for the Xbox One, then it would be the fastest way to speedrun the Game. Either way, from what i've seen so far, the Xbox One Port offers an equal playing field for everyone, due to it's consistent loading times.

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Ignore him, nice post.

In the long run it should be possible for load times to be removed entirely with a video-based load remover. I have no idea how long it'll take to finish, though.

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Thanks ROMaster2. also jsrfaaron, not saying there's anything wrong with the Leaderboards, it's just that faster Load Times means Better Game Time. and keeping Load Times consistent would be a good thing, especially if the Community gets big enough to where people would want to start Racing against each other.

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Better load times? deep breathing
Awesome post though. Straight up lmao'd at the 1 second load times that's insane.


So I'm wanting to run the game maybe. Not sure if I should get it yet or try to find a Platinum Edition copy. Would it make a difference if I got the PE and installed on Xbox One? Or would it install the original game?


if you get the game to run on xbox one, it will install the original version even if you put in the Platinum hits edition. so it wouldnt make a difference if youre planning on running on xbox one

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Thanks and I was wondering could Xbox One be added to the console list and platforms?


Yeah it should be added, i passed along the request to one of the leaderboard mods


While this is old now, I'll just comment it anyway: You can get platinum hits on Xbox One. Or at the very least the Japanese version.

My OG version is the PAL version, while the Platinum Hits version is obviously the NTSC version of the game. Not sure if it's a regional thing, so you'll have to check yourself on this one, but if you deleted your OG NTSC game from your XBone and then installed PH, perhaps that works?
As it is right now I have three BLiNX games installed onto my Xbox One: PAL OG version, NTSC PH and NTSC-J Japanese version. For some reason the Japanese and PAL version shares the save file, but not Platinum Hits. This is also the reason as for why I go for the Japanese version in my runs. Pure laziness. Haven't gotten all the medals in it yet, let alone 90k gold lol.

If this isn't the case, that you can just delete the game and install PH, then just get the Japanese version as the level layouts are the same as PH, but the clothes are the same prices as in OG.

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Can anyone confirm this? I am interested in running this game and would love to run it on Xbox One for better loads. The above message is a tad confusing, but seems to confirm that using the japanese version on an Xbox one will install the PH version of the game instead?

The better question is, was it ever discovered if any controller will work to increase Blinx’s diagonal move speed or do you need a certain Xbox one controller to do so?

EDIT: I can confirm that installing a JP version in xbox one gives an english platinum hits version however I am unable to get the diagonal movement speed to work. He obviously moves slightly faster than normal when I move diagonally but it is nowhere near as fast as seen in the runs here or on the videos posted above. I am using a stock xbox one controller (official) and am moving my left stick as far as possible to diagonal angles.


I think the question was already answered on the discord, but just in case anyone comes by and wants to know for themselves, you should be good with a 3rd party XB1 controller just as you would be if you played on the original XBox!