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So now that I've gotten sub-1:50, I'm gonna take a short break from Blinx in favor of learning Blinx 2 (now that I have that with me). Before I do that though, I'm going to try to write a guide for the game so that it's easier for anyone to get into speedrunning the game. I'm going to go over every major level in detail, as well as talk about every smaller level a little, but since I've never written a guide, I don't know what I should focus on or what people want out of the guide.

So... what do you want? I'm already going to have sections involving gold management, time control management, tricks, and levels, but is there anything in specific that people might want me to go over?

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That's a cool idea, I think time crystal management is quite obvious from just watching the WR video, however gold management is deeper and could use some clarification from a guide, especially why certain Tom Tom spots are skipped or preferred over others (I'm looking at you, 6-1).

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