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Hey hey guys! I'm a new runner and I'm looking to take on Blinx as my first game. Any tips and tricks for a newbie for speed running this game, or speed running in general?

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Hey welcome to the community! Im not sure how often people check the forums and i only do blinx 2 so its best if you join the discord server and ask questions there, im sure someone will respond



In general the things that help a ton in running this game:

-There's two different versions of the game that exist: the black label version and the platinum hits version. Platinum Hits makes most monsters a lot easier to take out by reducing the number of hits a lot of them need (in levels 4-7) so the PH version is generally the most recommended (the game is still very possible in the original game, and if you don't have/cant get the PH version there's still a lot of value in learning the black label version, esp since I'm p confident that it's possible to at least get second place in any% with it

-Controllers are important! A lot of the harder jumps in the game are much easier done with a 3rd party controller due to a weird quirk that lets you run a lil faster w them. It's still possible to run the game w.o it but would require more practice with more precise jumps if you're going with that (jumps @ 2-3 and 3-3 for example)

-Crystal and gold management are probably some of the most important things; when routing, figure out how much gold you need for each level and when you'd make trips to the shop, since those take up time as well

-FF helps take a free hit from enemies/hazards, so doing it on reaction can be a live saver in a pinch

-Super bombs are super incredible and make some really tough levels (8-3 especially) a lot easier and more fun, so practice aim w that ( the levels off the top of my head that are best w super bombs are 5-2, 8-3, and personally, 6-2). Check out Commander_Ducky's run especially for figuring out where/when to shoot the bombs on 5-2 and 8-3

-The level 5 boss and level 8 boss are way easier with rewinds b.c rewinds get rid of the little junk balls

That's everything that comes to mind immediately, if you have any more question feel free to ask here or on the discord! And sorry about responding so late w. this~