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Hey guys,

I submitted my submitted a run of Time Square Stage 1 yesterday (it has since been verified), but I was wondering how should we should list times in future submissions for individual levels (since there don't seem to be many submitted individual level runs yet). Is it preferable to use real time passed (counting the clock pausing when selecting time controls, the "3-2-1" sequence after a time control ends, etc.), or should we use the time shown on the in-game clock on the top left of the screen?


(Also, I have a few runs that I have uploaded to YouTube that I plan to submit soon.)


Currently discussing w Blinx 2 dudes to make it consistent across both games, will get back to you once we figure that out (right now I think it's leaning more towards in-game time)


Okay, so records will be kept using in-game time from now on. I've edited the existing times in the IL leaderboards to reflect this.

For anyone who wishes to submit, the only proof we need is a screenshot/photo of both the time and the stage name (though we def prefer video footage~)

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