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Anyone here ever tried to run blinx 2? I haven't seen a single run of it or anything anywhere which makes me wanna try but idk how to moderate or anything like that so I'm hesitant to run it in officially
Any tips or anything?


It actually used to be on here, but since it didn't have any runs for so long the admins removed it. There were two threads with interest.but not much else.

If you or someone else has any kind of run in it can get added and stay around this time.


im actually testing out a rough run right now, going for my (ng+% which is a lot faster) rough estimate

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Just curious, what's the difference between NG+ and normal? I didn't even know there was a NG+


My definition is playing the stages in order after already beating the game it gets rid of the annoying tutorials


first run, very rough got lost a bunch and died way more than i should have : 3:27:58
i can easily get it down to like 3:10:00 or lower


Awesome! If you have a video, I can make the game for it.


sadly its on my xbox i couldnt find a good emulator to OBS it, but if you have any suggestions for one then id be grateful


It's pretty easy, actually, just need the right things.

The main item you need is a capturing device. You can get a standard definition one pretty cheap. I use this one -- -- You don't have to use the bloatware they provide you with; once you have the drivers installed Amarec does a good job at displaying the game.

Optionally, you can get some composite splitters so you can play on the TV and record at the same time. You CAN play through Amarec but there's some display lag that you may notice if you're used to using a CRT TV. I bought these to split my signal: --

Those'll work just fine if you're using composite cables to play. If you're using component or HDMI you'll need something else to capture/split it.

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My current setup is having the xbox feed into one monitor on my computer, which plays the game, and the other monitor has all my stuff on it and my splits and whatnot. I'm also pretty low budget right now, but that recorder seems very interesting, I might snag it eventually. Thanks for the help! I was actually kind of talking about if you knew a good xbox emulator but this stuff works too. I'll look into getting some of this stuff.
Also, greetings fellow Washington resider, person, citizen, man? Something like that.

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