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I was trying to check Harmak's runs for in-game time on each level, but you can't see the time unless you hover over the level again to see the record.

I'd like to make a suggestion: after a run, go back over each level for the in-game time for each so the total time can be written down. It wouldn't be mandatory since real time should probably be used over in-game time, but recommended. It would let you write down IL times, too.


I just completed a new run that's something like 30 minutes faster than ny past ones (speaking of which, I'm back into the speedrunning after SGDQ piqued my interest quite a bit), so I can go back and provide IL times a bit later since I haven't deleted that file yet. There's a couple notable terrible ones though, if you include resetting the level (specifically the R5 boss and Everwinter Stage 2)