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Here's a compilation of things that save time in a speedrun. If you have your own that you know of and I didn't cover, go ahead and post below!

-Trash Jumping (I dunno, it's easier to give it a name because of how much it's used): Using pieces of trash to jump to ledges you can't normally reach (examples: Time Square 2, Forgotten City 1, Deja Vu Canals 3 Backup Strat)

-FF Cancel & FF Invincibility Abuse: Intentionally damaging yourself at any time during a Fast Forward to either prevent the time control from ending (ex. Hourglass Caves 1) or to use the invincibility frames gotten from it to pass an area more quickly (ex. Forge of Hours 1 & 3)

-Start Gate Jump: Using the high jump from the start of a level to reach an otherwise inaccessible part of the area (ex. Deja Vu Canals 3, Forge of Hours 3)

-Long-range Bombing: Using bombs or super bombs to take out enemies from far away, usually because that part of the stage was skipped (ex. Deja Vu Canals 3, Forgotten City 1, Forge of Hours 3, maybe Temple of Lost Time 2 if I can experiment a bit more with it)

-Trash Stacking: This explains it better than I could:
Most high ledges only need one tall piece of small trash, but it's helpful in Forgotten City 1

-Wall Clipping: Using a piece of trash (usually a furnace or something else that takes up a weird amount of space) to push yourself through a wall (ex. Hourglass Caves 3). In order to push yourself through a wall, you need to be in a place where the game can't move you anywhere else, so generally something like a corner. I've yet to do this in a run, though I'm working on getting the clip consistent in HC3 so that I can skip the whole record sequence and save a good amount of time there.
WARNING: The game treats all out of bounds areas as an endless pit, which means that, if any clips are done incorrectly, Blinx will lose one of his retries and waste about 5-10 seconds recovering.

-After you pay for something, it saves a few frames to hit B and skip to the exit button rather than scrolling down to it, just because skipping to the exit is faster than the normal scroll speed.

And there's one last thing I found in Deja Vu Canals 3 (lots of stuff going on in that level, it seems). If you fall from the ledge with the two yellow Chrono Blobs into the top of the door below, you can go behind it and skip needing to press 2 buttons. However, it's impractical in a full game run because you skip a Spiker and two Octoballoons and you would need to buy extra bombs in the Deja Vu store. It can be done, but with how important money is early on in order to get the Sweeper to hold 10 pieces of trash. I'd imagine it's very good in IL runs though when you can get a super bomb to take care of those enemies pretty easily.


So after a couple of failed runs of the game tonight, I went to find some ways I can save time. To my surprise, I found out that there is a distinct speed difference depending on if the control stick is diagonal or not (diagonal being much faster).

So this has the potential to save a ton of time because it consistently works in every level except Everwinter (I think, b/c ice physics) and, just by eyeing it, it seems like he increases about 1.5x in speed. Could someone who is looking to run Blinx 2 see if this faster running is in that game as well?

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K, after a bit more testing in Round 1-1, here is the average time:

Only walking: ~45 seconds
Only running: ~33 seconds
Random combination (how I've played normally): ~39 seconds

So assuming that, every stage not in Everwinter can realistically be cut down by an average of ~3/4ths of it's normal time by optimizing this in a way so that you move the camera in a way that makes diagonal straight.

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Oh wow is huge. Blinx isn't the only game I know where moving diagonally is faster than just moving straight. Will have to find time in the next few days to play around with this new find.