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I've yet to see any runs for the game. And if your worried about the embargo....I'm pretty sure it was only in effect for the first 1 or 2 weeks the game was out. IDK. Either Way its more or less been a month since the game came out so the embargo should be over by now. But I do have a question......when will somebody run this game?


the embargo still affects some since many are still talking about their videos being flagged although for some reason some are able to get away with it while others cannot, it seems to be random as to who gets flagged when uploading story materials so it might not be safe yet.

though it indeed has been 1 months since the game has been released and there were suggestions for alternative speedruns besides story. I have even tried submitting something for survival mode for a run & despite them saying they'll come up with alternative runs nothing has shown up yet.

i would have tried contacting the other super mod about this as well but they don't have any form of contacting them and hasn't been online at all since they were modded.


I am online all the time. There are multiple ways to contact me and at this point we are still trying to figure out since survival mode is endless... like previous endless modes so, how can one speedrun a endless mode?


Like heres the thing, i am just playing this casually and I am at 7 wins which beats your 5 wins

7 wins:

your 5 wins @RaOh7199

Does this make me the new world record holder? Since I am still alive and going but you failed at 5 wins.


I am willing to open the discussion for what kind of runs can be done but with something that is essentially unending survival mode does not work.

But the run categories have to fit in with the embargo which has not ended and probably never will. So unless we get an official statement from arcsys that the embargo is over I personally have no idea what can be ran.


I am curious since you both have no runs for your accounts, have you speedran any games before? Also have you played any of the previous Blazblue games?


actually got interested because of the persona part of this crossover, didn't have much interest in blazblue before.

though off of what was said before in the closed threads there's lots of ways to handle an endless mode for speedruns, not just for this game, there's plenty of other video games that make endless modes work.

as example some of the other arcsys games on the speedrun site make it so that it's descending order to see who can actually last the longest for endless games which is why there's an option for descending times on the site not just ascending, so in your case with 7 wins it would beat my 5 since that would mean you lasted longer time wise.

other examples of how endless works can be seen in the closed thread for the game that talked how dragonball fighterz handled it, where first to 5 wins as a category or first to 10 wins as a category or other win limits.

lots of ways to do runs outside of what the embargo covers by being creative as long as people are willing to do it which people are.

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oh and there's also the tutorial, character combo challenges, and missions that was also brought up in that closed thread.

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I think that speedrunning survival mode could be a good idea especially since using the first to 5 wins or 10 wins wouldn't be that much different from an arcade mode speedrun (since arcade modes are just a set amount of fights with some story put in which does not matter for speedruns)

I also think tutorial, combo challenge & mission speedruns could be an interesting possibility as well I know other fighting games that have these set up as speedrun categories they may not be the most popular game modes to speedrun but it's still an option to consider especially with the story embargo being an issue.

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Yeah, I agree with the survival ideas of getting five to ten wins. There could also be a possibility of doing every 5 wins in survival mode (like 5, 10, 15, 20, etc) I think that would interesting as well.


Well I've added them so good luck and if it doesn't work then we'll just delete em i guess.

  LichzimLichzim The embargos been over for like 2 months. It ended June 5th according to this article. Besides why would it still be running. It's been 2 months since the game came out.



Actually from what that particular article said, it Specifically Mentioned how ArcSys gave the details of the Embargo before June 5th which is when the Embargo was Officially Launched, since the Embargo was the same date as when the game was released on but they let the Players know what was Stream Embargoed prior to the 5th of June.

The Embargo didn't end on June 5th because that was the same day as when the Game came out to the Public and they wanted to make sure there were practically no Spoilers at all during the release of it.

As for why the Embargo would still be a thing since it's been two months, there's a chance that it isn't but at the same time it could potentially still be in effect since Atlus is an involved property of the Game which is known to keep things "Officially" Embargoed for Several Months after a game has been Released.

That's not to say that it isn't over but yet there's still no Official Confirmation that it is over either ?


Exactly. Until there is official word the embargo has to be recognized.


Pretty certain the Embargo is over now.


Unless they post it on their website it is still live. Feel free to tweet at them to ask tho.


It's been an entire year. I'm FAIRLY CERTAIN the embargo is over now.


Until you can provide an official statement its un-runnable. Feel free to tweet at them asking if the embargo is over.

A streamer tried to stream the storymode and Twitch banned his channel despite the youtube videos still be available but youtube isn't a credible example of how to run proper media.

So until this can be streamed without the risk of being banned. It will not have a leaderboard sadly.


Hello there, 1st time posting anywhere on

I was curious about speedrunning Survival Mode but noticed the most recently posted run on the leaderboard is about 8 months old.

As you may or may not know, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle received a major update recently to "Version 2.0." (November 21st, 2019)

This includes a lot of new content to the game, including new characters, changes to existing characters, new story and more. The changes to existing characters includes changes to move properties (damage, opponent behavior and more) and changes to health pools (mostly increases).

This leads to a question: If I were to submit a run, would it be accepted if I have this update? Would the older runs be considered obsolete?

Version 2.0 Patch Notes: https:/​/​www.​blazblue.​jp/​tag/​img/​upd200_en.​pdf