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I've opened up this thread to discus all the categories for the game.

Whether that's adding a new listings for a particular type of speedrun, adjusting the rules to an existing one, or any other types of concerns, it will be handled here! =D


Hey man it's John, you know the other guy you met at the event meeting that's also running Blazblue games and robot games for the live speedrun marathon next week?

I made an account on the site after hearing how the runs are gonna be captured with us being allowed to upload them after the event is over and I was wondering if you could add all the other difficulties available for this one and the other games? I want to get some practice in during the week before we do the event and figured to set some goals to beat beforehand.

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@PikaRice Oh yeah sure dude! I can get that done Later Tonight!

I was actually planning on adding those categories in after it gets paired down on which Games will actually make it for the Charity Marathon & after trying to get some of the other games that are gonna be in it for Approval but if you plan on doing now I can add those categories in already.

Though for the other games that I don't Mod for you'll have to take it up with the ones in charge of them to seeing if the categories you plan on running are viable.