So due to the issue that emulation is not a good representation for hardware on a fighting game I am going to have to ask @PikaRice and @JakatoXtra to please provide proof you are using a capture card with your runs if you are going to use a PSP.

Since there is no way to accurately emulate a ps3, xbox 360, ps4 or xbox one which some of the titles are on also and most people agree that for a fighting game to allow a fair and unbiased run to commence it should be on original hardware.

I will give you both 1 week to provide proof but your current runs will most likely be invalidated due to some worries over legitimacy.


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@Mysteriousdewd Here is photo album I made with my own PSP showing multiple methods most people use to capture PSPs directly with no need for emulation thanks to Sony actually releasing a handful of products available for purchase that include multiple visual cables needed to display PSP visuals & audio to either a television, projector, or a computer screen directly

Once plugged in the PSP system itself can be outputted directly to various capture & stream software such as OBS Studios or Xsplit to name a few

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Thank you for posting the proof and I apologize for me being a nag but would rather be safe than sorry. Everything seems good to go on your part so I see no reason for your records to stay.

Now I am just waiting on Jakato to reply.



Coincidentally enough, I received many Messages and Questions from my own Twitch Chat during my Semi-Weekly PSP Game Twitch Streams of Different PSP Titles asking how I'm able to Stream PSP and PS Vita Titles on my original PSP Systems and PS Vita through OBS Studio for those Semi-Weekly Streams. Providing a photo of what I use to Stream that Semi-Weekly Show that I do Stream on Twitch and What I used to capture those PSP BlazBlue Speedruns is not a problem because it turns out many people who aren't already part of the PSP Community that know about the Different Capture Techniques are now actively looking to Capture Directly from their own Original PSPs as well after seeing Streams of PSP Titles from myself and many others.

Much like @PikaRice and many others who like to Capture PSP Audio and Video Directly instead of Emulating, I too Purchased the Official PSP Video Cables by Sony to be able to Play all my PSPs (I own around 5) on my TVs as well as being able to Plug them Directly into my PC. I happened to already taken a Photo of what I use to Stream PSP Titles yesterday since as I mentioned before that I do a Semi-Weekly Stream of PSP Titles and my Viewers were also curious as to how to get PSP Audio and Visuals Directly from the System because they're Actively considering Streaming from their own PSP Systems as well since playing on the Original Systems is more Reliable than Emulating.

Anyways that's just a Couple of Different ways how I'm able to Stream from PSP Systems Directly. I'm actually packing up a few of my Systems right now since I'm about to be road tripping to the Convention Center in Atlantic City that I mention before that's hosting a ton of Fighting Game Tournaments and some Speedrun Events happening This Weekend along side the actual Main Convention going on and thus will be busy and unavailable for the next few days until around Tuesday.



What's with the Leadboards for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II & Continuum EXTEND?

You yourself said that Emulation wasn't a good representation of the games and now all of a sudden Emulation Runs of the Game are getting approved.