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So due to the issue that emulation is not a good representation for hardware on a fighting game I am going to have to ask @PikaRice and @JakatoXtra to please provide proof you are using a capture card with your runs if you are going to use a PSP.

Since there is no way to accurately emulate a ps3, xbox 360, ps4 or xbox one which some of the titles are on also and most people agree that for a fighting game to allow a fair and unbiased run to commence it should be on original hardware.

I will give you both 1 week to provide proof but your current runs will most likely be invalidated due to some worries over legitimacy.



@Mysteriousdewd I don't believe the original Continuum Shift had a PSP version made, as far as I can tell there aren't any good PS3 emulators that work yet either.

I haven't even uploaded my PS3 runs of the game to YouTube or Twitch yet neither do I own a PSP version of the game since it's non-existent so I don't think that's an issue here.


I apologize I don't know why this got posted here as well as the other forum? Either the site bungled or I accidentally posted it twice. Feel free to ignore this.