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@Liv Personally what I think what would be best for now is if @Mysteriousdewd & @JakatoXtra co-modded the individual games at the moment if they're up to it since I can attest that there's was many oddball runs using Japanese exclusive modes at the event that most of us couldn't make heads or tails initially without @JakatoXtra providing quick live translations of that ended up being a big highlight.

While a lot of the runs did follow the standard arcade rules of BlazBlue games there were also a ton of new runs in modes that many were hoping to be added in categories and @JakatoXtra himself also participated in those so he know what the rules & settings for all those runs were.

They both seem to be able to communicate well enough via the forums after trying to sort out what happened.

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Well after all of this is Said and Done I am actively going to be paying attention to the Games closely while sending Twitter themselves a help message to see if there's anything wrong with my account so I can get into communication with @Mysteriousdewd on Twitter more often. I'll also be paying Attention to the those Japanese Exclusive Mode Runs you just reminded me of since that's gonna need some explanations considering how many people ran it.

Oh and if you wanted to submit those other runs you did prior to the Event I don't see a problem since the more runs the merrier ?

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@JakatoXtra so I take it you're able to communicate on the forums okay then?


For now at least, given the evidence I have been offered, I have opted to give control of these particular games also to @Mysteriousdewd, and added him to all he aforementioned games.

The poor communication coupled with several pieces of information about an event and why contact could not be made because of it which, whilst it may be true, I cannot personally attest to being able to confirm if they are true or not, so they will be dismissed in terms of this decision.

If @Mysteriousdewd wishes he is free to add additional moderators to the game, he has also expressed he wasn't exactly against adding you to the games if you are knowledgeable on them.

Unfortunately, this was an event of miscommunication and one that shouldn't really have happened to begin with. Both on your side and on the site staff's side, and so I feel this is only fair as the only one who hasn't really wronged in this situation is @Mysteriousdewd, and there really could've been a better attempt to contact him, considering there was even a thread posted on the 15th in which this discussion could've originally sparked from.

Hopefully you guys can work these issues out. He has expressed to me he has no issue with these games remaining if they have notable attention, which from the sounds of what you have said throughout they do. If you have any issues feel free to either post in the forums on here (@MysteriousDewd has notifications turned on so he will see your posts) or @ him on twitter, he is quite active, and I know from experience.



Oh yeah I'm Actively watching all of them right now plus watching out for potential Alerts so Forums are Good ?


Ok just in case I'm still uploading a handful of my pre-event practice runs of a couple of the BlazBlue games that includes a handful of JPN Modes that I think I need @JakatoXtra look over since I can't actually read the all Japanese text and I need to be sure things are set right lol.

I'll also put some more of those JPN runs up tomorrow since I thinking about including stuff like BBQ for the fun it since that's completely Japanese unlike some other modes which mixes the two together.


@Liv Thank you for all the help so far.

I still would like an official name of these 2 said events. If you can provide me with a legitimate website like how Speedyfists advertises that would be appreciated. @PikaRice



Also I am confused to why your competitors are worried about uploading, youtube and other sites provide a means to archive things. This site is not an end all be all for claiming of world records. There are plenty of speedrunners in the community who refuse to use this site. A good example is Calebhart42. He gets plenty of world records without submitting to this site.

If you have any concerns or requests you can easily contact me thru a plethora of means. You can pop into my twitch channel and send me a whisper, my whispers are ALWAYS turned on. You can use @ with my username to catch my attention on twitter, my phone notifies me when I get tweets to my account.

There are many ways to draw my attention to here that admins and global mods have done in the past for when things need to be resolved since they understand I have a life outside of checking this website every second and that I run a very busy twitch channel. I am more than willing to help people if they want to be helped tho 🙂


To address your issue and desire of more moderation I have added 2 people to the series. One of whom is knowledgeable in Blazblue as a fandom and understands the protocol of speedrunning and another that is a prominent speedrunner with a vast knowledge base.

I hope this will help ease some of your worries and your friends from your convention. Would also love to see a website for these events so I could become more informed of your community.