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In Area 3, right before the last save you have the room with the presses that move up like elevators. Right at the beginning of the room you can move them down, climb the left wall, and push the falling one up with Flashfield to get to another treadmill and skip the lower half of the room. Here’s some tweets with pictures that describe what I mean:

Just avoid the platforms to the right because they tend to just crush you for no apparent reason. You might be able to get all the way up but I could only get to the second belt on the left comfortably.

You can also just climb the next shaft instead of slowly riding the press up. You have to get off Sophia before stepping on the press though. Getting the life up is easy too, if you care.

One last tidbit is that, for whatever reason, you can summon Sophia on or under presses when you couldn’t normally put Sophia there. Sophia will either zip out or get stuck entirely. Not really seeing a lot of potential in this quirk but you never know.