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I recently got my hands on a last gen version of borderlands 2 (XBOX 360). the original release and I have patch disks so I can upgrade or remove at will. I've been having fun with the infinite ammo glitch but was just wondering how to do the crit stacking and such. I've looked on google and yt but can't seem to find a good guide any where. is it done similar to the vladof rocket launcher glitch where you fire then swap a number of times and then open the inventory before the animation of swapping is complete?

if I've overlooked a guide here, I'm sorry. I did check. lol


You need to be able to drop weapons without going into your inventory (PC only) for crit stacking, but weapon merging should be possible on consoles. You have to swap away from a weapon, open inventory before the swap is done, and move the weapon to a new hotbar slot.


ah, that makes sense. thank you seanpr. I'll play around with it a little bit and maybe try my hand at some runs, (will probably not finish them because I doubt it'll be as viable as PC.)