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How do you do it? I wanna try and go for a record. I am playing on an xbox one. I would be streming via mixer. Would i just save it and up load it though mixer onto here. Does your badass ranks have to be trunned off. Do i have to start as a level 1 and play though to get a record
Please and thank you sorey i know it is alot


Xbone is going to be kind of difficult to run this game on. We use a previous patch of the game for most categories, so that we can take advantage of glitches that are no longer in the current release. Badass ranks must be off. Timing begins when you gain control of your character, after talking to claptrap in the beginning cutscene. Load times are not included in your final time. Timing ends at the fade into the cutscene after picking up the vault key, once the warrior is defeated. We usually use pre-made save files, but starting with a new character after hitting "new game" is fine.


for console, you can only really do the UVHM categories, but even then it's still not as fast as PC due to previous patches. My PB as far as i can remember for UVHM Geared with gaige is 1:57:00. That's probably the lowest it can be pushed on console without patches etc. Basically everything that Tokeegee said above too. BAR must be off to make sure its fair for people who have been playing this game from the start and people like you who are new to speed-running, evens out the playing field.