All bosses speedrun?
6 years ago
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So i've started compiling a route and list of all bosses for a speedrun as i've never seen it done before. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on it. My only concern is what counts as a boss, as there are many side bosses e.g. Savage lee, Scorch,Old Slappy,Henry etc. but then some unique enemies who i wouldn't exactly call bosses necessarily e.g. Badass creeper, Bone head 2.0 etc. This is more of a problem in the dlcs more than anything as there is loads.

My list includes any respawnable unique enemy at the moment, of which i've missed out Triple O and Vermiverous, because I didn't feel they were fair to put in a run but i'm all ears to suggestions. I really want to know whether this sounds like a good category to people and how to define the list of bosses which are to be killed etc.

This would be completed on op8 with gear and start in sanctuary and timer begins upon first travel and ends when OMGWTH is killed. I can complete a run if it would help, i've done a practice run today and have ideas about what gear i need.

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Easiest definition of a boss that I can think of is anything with a boss health bar instead of a normal one

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6 years ago

I would love to see this category, maybe even one for the secret raid bosses like Vermiverous and the one in Sir Hammerlock's DLC.

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That is the easiest definition, true. But that would miss out many enemies that are easily distuingishable as bosses. E.g. Knuckledragger, Boom Boom, Flynt, Bad Maw just to name a few of the earliest examples of this

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Maybe you could do all respawning unique enemies that you kill for part of a quest? That would exclude triple o and vermi without a special rule.

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Why did you decide to do it on OP8? Just wondering

Leicestershire, England

Because its an all bosses run so i thought it should be on the hardest difficulty since theyre bosses. Sorry for the 4month late reply xD

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i did a all main game bosses run in 59mins with video

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