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4 years ago
Tennessee, USA

I was doing runs of the Study Game category and noticed that while it's only 1 level, you can actually pick any level from the 36 levels in the game. When the "Round 1" text appears you can press Up/Down on the D-Pad to select a level.

I just wanted to make a post to make sure this was a known thing already. Study Game would be great for practice/ILs, but since you can pick any level I'm not sure if this will change anything on the leaderboard (like if Study Game will still be a category or if it will become ILs, etc.).

Kentucky, USA

Study game just for level 1 is a fine meme category :D

I didn't learn about it until after the category was created though, should have put a post in the forum. I don't think an IL board is probably necessary for this game in particular, but I do like to have categories that cater to shorter runs to get people exposed to the game. Has a good habit of bringing in runners that would otherwise pass on a 20+ minute run.

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