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The only time currently posted is Hexen007's 15:36.
There's a couple of runs on Youtube, one of which is an Any% time of 11:36.

It'd be rad to revive this game, perhaps establish some rules and categories and get some runs submitted.


I'd love to see some more runs. I intend to do a Monster Bash run as well and try to revive that.

And yes he uses a door glitch which can easily beat my time, he should submit it.
But do we make different categories or just say anything goes any% for all


Even glitchless could be sub 15 so we just need some more competition to build this.


I feel like it would be appropriate to have an Any% category that allows everything except cheats (debug cheats and the full ammo/grenade cheat).
Glitches like the door glitch should be ok, and Snake's special moves like the plasma bolt and electron shield should be ok.

I think similarly to Super Mario Bros., if it's a glitch that can be performed without modifying the game or by using some non-conventional controller input method, then it ought to be allowed.

Another glitchless category could be made that requires the game to be played in a more conventional way.


I'm not actively running the game yet but have started learning it and looking into routing.

It's interesting that you mention Monster Bash because I was looking into the speedrun scene for that game just the other day 😃
Couldn't find much at all actually; and is there even a listing for it on here?

There's a couple of titles from what I'd call the golden age of DOS platformers that seem ripe for speedruns.
Bio Menace, Monster Bash, Keen series, Jill of The Jungle, Crystal Caves, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure...
Heaps of stuff that I played as a kid.


I was thinking about running some games from my childhood and this one is on the list 🙂

@_Zero_Zero, haha, other games on my list are Jill of The Jungle and just now I was looking at Commander Keen 😃

(edited: )

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago in a Facebook MS-DOS gaming group one guy remember me of this great game of my childhood.
I instantly downloaded it and start playing. It became very challenging for speedrunning because has some interesting techniques for skipping levels and it's really interesting to manage HP during run.
Then I watched some videos (including current WR by Hexen007) and decided to improve some things in their runs.
I know about door glitch, but it's very random and I still don't know how to achieve this glitch quickly. So I decided just to play glitchless since it is much interesting to pass all levels.

I submit 12:50 time a few moments ago, and waiting from Hexen007 to approve it. Hope it's legit 🙂
My sum of best segments is 12:02, so feel free to beat my record 🙂
It is very crucial to perform jumps above electrical barrier on Level 11 perfectly, because if you fail, you will lose a lot of time (lost about 15 sec in my record).
Also boss fight on Level 7 is a tricky thing, because perfect jump on the elevator will skip dialogue and save you much time.

If it will be interesting for someone, I will share my thoughts about every level on my current record 🙂

Also feel free to use my layout and splits in LiveSplit:

@Hexen007Hexen007: Please add categories for Episode 2 and Episode 3. Haven't played them yet, but I think they also will be interesting to run. So I will try later.
Also you can add "Episode 1 (Glitchy)" category, maybe someone want to try this.


Hey Alukret!
Awesome to see that someone else is interested in running this game too.

I haven't started attempts myself just yet but recently finished making maps for the routing of the 'glitched' run.

Just had a quick look at your 12:50 glitchless run on youtube, nice work!
I agree, those of us running this game should come up with a ruleset and define categories such as glitchless and glitched.

I noticed that on the third level of your run you saved/reloaded to get full health for the level and feel like this strategy should have its own category going forward.
Runs ought to be real-time attack (RTA) and continuous from taking control of Snake in the first level to killing Dr. Mangle at the end.
(I'm not a mod here and don't decide on the rules, but this is my opinion)

If there's enough involvement in the game, we could probably also have IL (individual level) times where each level is done separately with full health.

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