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I am open to adding, changing, etc any categories, because this game has 99 rounds (and allegedly no end screen) I decided for a short 10 rounds as a basic start category, although I do intend to make a category for 25 Rounds as well.

IF you have any ideas, suggestions, comments as to what the length or goal of these should be; please post them here!


I had also done this; an idea for a category that makes it to the first bonus.... but it is VERY short.

I did not add it as a category as I felt it was too short, however, as I said, I am open to anything that has an interest.

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This is a great early Famicom game, nice to see this one getting some play!

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It's definitely a lot of fun, Hopefully, more people will start running it.
I'm definitely wanting to add more categories, just have not had the time to run them.


I do have a copy of this one lying around somewhere so I'll give it a shot!
I agree that the "full loop" category warrants creation.

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Yeah, this weekend I will add that, and probably a mid-range category.
I am torn between 25 or 50, being as 100 levels make up the full loop.

Also, I am super excited you are going to run it!


I don't know if you've read this: but it explains how the stages work: I'll quote:

"Each regular stages is composed of 2 half-stages; one for the left part of the stage, one for the right part. There are only 16 different half-stages. The 100 regulars stages are generated using different combinations of each half stage. The placement of the hidden tile stays consistent across each combination of stages. The images below show you the position of the hidden tile in each 16 stage cycle"

So knowing that, while the only true loop would be after Round 99, beating Round 16 would be the closest thing to it. Maybe we should ditch 10 Rounds and make it 16 Rounds.

PS: Round 17 sucks