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I'm considering the idea of submitting this game for a GDQ, so do you guys have any thoughts on categories that could be good? Or any thoughts overall?

Here's some categories I've thought about:

Any% heavenly cheats - shortest run, fast paced, heavy on RNG, bosses are pretty much all skipped, many waves skipped with powerups

Any% heavenly no cheats - on the longer side, but has a lot of variety

Any% heavenly no cheats all bosses - similar to no cheats except with twice the bosses

NG+ boss rush no cheats - Arbitrary, only features bosses, short run

Any% heavenly no cheats no damage - Arbitrary, weird, adds suspense, longer run, not very marathon safe

Any% heavenly all 3 stars - IDK about this category, might be worth a test run to gather my thoughts

Overall, I'm concerned with length, repetitiveness, lack of unique situations, and potentially computer problems that could ruin the responsiveness of the game.

Still though, there's a number of reasons why it could work too, so I don't know if I'd rule it out without a bit of thought.

I'm not super happy with any of the categories in particular, but I'm still giving it some consideration


I'd suggest getting other people to do the run with you, especially if it's the NG+ boss rush. It's faster and more entertaining to have more players (although it seems to make the game slightly less stable, during my 4P run we had to restart the game due to a major bug)