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In the Igt any% rules you say "Don't submit Igt runs" So if I was going to run this category what would you want me to do?


Run it with a timer for RTA.
RTA is the main category now.
Use livesplit or something please.


IGT is closed at the moment. You can look at the in-game time if you're just starting out and want to track your progress, but once you get good I suggest your record your runs then submit it into RTA.

The reason why is kind of complicated, but it turns out as I discovered last fall the in-game timer doesn't track any time before you reset in a level. So theoretically the best strategy would be to reset over and over in a level until you get it perfect to optimize your IGT since only the time after the last reset is counted. This would eventually turn into very lengthy runs that would defeat the point of speedrunning. So for now we are only using RTA. Here is the full explanation:

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alrighty thanks for responding so quickly!

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