So over the weekend i made a couple of routes for a category idea i had called No Major Skips. After thinking about the name i, among others, thought it was a better idea to have the name of the category be No Major Sequence Breaks since it fits the category but the idea still remains. Here are three routes i made: this was the first route i made this one i made earlier today which skips sea needle and heres the last route i made with Needless and with no Jellyfish 2. Heres a run of the first route:
What counts as a "major sequence break" is Hub skips and entering levels other than the entended entrance (You cant enter Kelp Vines through Kelp Woods but you can enter Kelp Vines through Kelp Caves.) Hopefully mods can consider making this a new category since its really fun, and unique. Thank you for your time 🙂

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i see you want to push this to be a category. i would like to see this too. keep me updated. reminds my of Zelda games a bit. i will be an offical backer DM me on for some rules and tech talk