You do know you can't accuse someone of wrongdoing without an explanation and proof, right?


The player who submitted the run is a top level runner who has been consistently getting WRs on ILs. Where is the proof that he cheated when he is trusted? I dont see that you have run BFBB before, so idk how u can tell if he was cheating or not.


Can you give proof that Chris cheated?


is this cheated too?

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no dude it’s true he cheated I saw him plug the gameshark into his pc he used moonjump


don't you know that cheatcodes are outlawed?


god damn. some people are fucking idiots

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I just want a brief explanation of why the person thought chris cheated, like I don't wanna be mean but I wanna see if it was a misunderstanding of the rules or something and that's why they made the accusation.


You cannot just accuse a player of cheating and not provide any shred of evidence or explanation. I'm locking this thread.